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avie :

Usage of AVIE

In the world of online gaming and social media, AVIE is a commonly used abbreviation that stands for 'Avatar'. An avatar refers to a digital representation of a person or character that is used as an identifier in online forums, games, and virtual worlds. Avatars can range from simple profile pictures to more complex 3D models that can be customized by users.

Examples of AVIE used in texting:

1. "Hey, did you see my new AVIE on Instagram? I finally got the filters right!" - Example of AVIE used in texting
2. "I can't decide which AVIE to choose for my gaming profile. What do you think looks better?" - Example of AVIE used in texting
3. "Sorry I was late to our meeting. I had to create a new AVIE for my virtual office party tonight." - Example of AVIE used in texting

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avie :

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