Definition & Meaning of "ATQ"

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atq :
answer the question

Usage of ATQ

The abbreviation "ATQ" is a shorthand for "answer the question". It is commonly used in informal writing or texting to remind someone to respond directly to an inquiry or a question instead of avoiding it. In other words, it is a polite way of saying "please focus on providing a direct and complete answer".

Examples of ATQ used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, what do you think about the new Star Wars movie?
You: I loved it! The plot was really engaging and the special effects were amazing. ATQ: Did you see it already?

2. Boss: Can you send me the report before the end of the day?
You: Sure thing! I'll make sure to finish it and send it to you by 5 pm. ATQ: Do you need me to include anything else in the report?

3. Parent: How was your math test today?
You: It was fine, I think I did well. ATQ: What topics were covered in the test?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "atq"

atq :
answer the question

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