Definition & Meaning of "ATB"

What does atb mean? View the definition of atb and all related slang terms containing atb below:

atb :
all the best

Usage of ATB

The abbreviation ATB is a common abbreviation used in texting and other informal communication platforms. It stands for "All The Best" which is a friendly and casual way of expressing one's well wishes to someone. This is often used when saying goodbye or wishing someone good luck in a situation.

Examples of ATB used in texting:

1. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say goodbye and wish you ATB on your new job. Take care and keep in touch!

2. Hey John, thanks for all your help with the project. We couldn't have done it without you. ATB with your future endeavors!

3. Happy birthday to you, Lisa! Hope you have a great day filled with lots of love, laughter and joy. ATB always!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "atb"

atb :
all the best
iatb :
I am the best
wyatb :
wish you all the best
yatb :
you are the best

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