Definition & Meaning of "ASE"

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ase :
age, sex, ethnicity

Usage of ASE

The abbreviation ASE is commonly used in various settings such as medical intake forms and surveys to request information about a person's age, sex, and ethnicity. It is a way to gather basic demographic information in a concise and streamlined manner. In text messaging, ASE can also be used as an abbreviation for convenience and brevity.

Examples of ASE used in texting:

1. Friend A: "Hey, do you know who's joining the trip with us?"
Friend B: "Nope, not yet. Can you ask for ASE before we finalize the bookings?"
(Example of ASE used to gather demographic information before booking a trip)

2. Boss: "We're looking to target a specific demographic for our next marketing campaign. Can you provide me with some ASE data from our customer database?"
(Employee replying) "Sure thing! I'll send over an ASE report by the end of the day."
(Example of ASE used in business communication to gather data for marketing purposes)

3. Family Member: "Hey, I'm filling out some medical forms for your grandma's check-up. Can you ask her for her ASE?"
(Replying) "Sure, I'll ask her for her age, sex, and ethnicity when I visit her later."
(Example of ASE used in healthcare communication to gather demographic information for medical records)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ase"

ase :
age, sex, ethnicity
sase :
self addressed stamped envelope

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