Definition & Meaning of "ANL"

What does anl mean? View the definition of anl and all related slang terms containing anl below:

anl :
all night long

Usage of ANL

The abbreviation "ANL" stands for "all night long". It is commonly used to indicate a prolonged period of time or activity throughout the entire night. This could refer to anything from staying up late to study, partying until morning, or even working an overnight shift. The term is often used jokingly to suggest that someone has the stamina or endurance to stay up all night.

Examples of ANL used in texting:

1. Hey, are you up for studying ANL for our final exam this week?
2. I danced ANL at the club last night and now I'm exhausted!
3. I have to work ANL tonight, but at least I'll get paid extra for the overtime.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "anl"

anl :
all night long
anlsx :
Anal Sex
panl :
party all night long

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