Definition & Meaning of "AMOG"

What does amog mean? View the definition of amog and all related slang terms containing amog below:

amog :
alpha male of the group

Usage of AMOG

The abbreviation "AMOG" stands for "alpha male of the group." This term is typically used to describe a dominant male who exudes confidence, assertiveness, and leadership qualities within a social setting. The "AMOG" is often seen as the most influential and respected individual among their peers, taking charge of social interactions and displaying qualities that make them stand out.

Examples of AMOG used in texting:
1. Joey: Just met this guy at the party, and he totally took control of the conversation. Such an AMOG!
2. Sarah: My friend Mark always knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and engaged in a group. He's definitely the AMOG of our gang.
3. Alex: Going out with Tim tonight, and I'm pretty sure he'll be the AMOG at the bar. His confidence is through the roof!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "amog"

amog :
alpha male of the group

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