Definition & Meaning of "AFCPMGO"

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afcpmgo :
away from computer parents may go on

Usage of AFCPMGO

The abbreviation AFCPMGO is used to convey the idea that someone is leaving or stepping away from their computer, and their parents are no longer monitoring their activity online. It is a common abbreviation used among teenagers who want to have privacy or some degree of independence while using the internet. This abbreviation can be useful in text messaging when someone wants to let their friend know they will be away from the computer for a while and can no longer communicate through instant messaging platforms. Here are three examples of AFCPMGO used in texting:

Example 1:
Person A: Hey, can you help me with this homework assignment?
Person B: Sorry, I'm AFCPMGO. I'll get back to you in a bit.

Example 2:
Person A: I'm so bored, what are you up to?
Person B: Not much, just AFCPMGO. Want to hang out later?

Example 3:
Person A: Did you see the new trailer for that movie we're excited about?
Person B: No, not yet. I'll check it out when I'm AFCPMGO.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "afcpmgo"

afcpmgo :
away from computer parents may go on

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