Definition & Meaning of "ABREEV"

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abreev :

Usage of ABREEV

ABREEV is a term that is often used in texting to refer to an abbreviation. It is commonly used to describe a word or phrase that has been shortened in order to save time and space while texting. ABREEV allows people to communicate more quickly and efficiently through text messages, as it reduces the need for them to type out full words or phrases. This can be particularly useful when you are in a hurry or when you are texting on a device with a small screen.

Examples of ABREEV used in texting:
1. Hey, I'll be there at 2 pm sharp. No need to wait for me. (ABREEV: pm)
2. Do U wanna grab lunch 2day? (ABREEV: U for you, 2day for today)
3. I can't go out tonight, I have to study for my exam tom. (ABREEV: tonight, tom for tomorrow)

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abreev :

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