Definition & Meaning of "RIZZLER"

What does Rizzler mean? View the definition of Rizzler and all related slang terms containing Rizzler below:

rizzler :
Person with lots of charisma

Usage of RIZZLER

The abbreviation RIZZLER refers to a person who exudes a significant amount of charisma and charm. A RIZZLER is someone who has a magnetic personality that draws others towards them, often leaving a lasting impression. This term is used to describe individuals who possess a natural ability to captivate and influence those around them with their energy and presence.

Examples of RIZZLER used in texting:

1. Hey, have you met our new colleague? They're such a RIZZLER! Everyone is drawn to them instantly.
2. I was at the party last night, and let me tell you, John was the ultimate RIZZLER! He had the whole room hanging on his every word.
3. Just watched that new movie with Emma Stone – she's always been a RIZZLER on screen, don't you think?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Rizzler"

Rizzler :
Person with lots of charisma

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