Definition & Meaning of "DHMU"

What does Dhmu mean? View the definition of Dhmu and all related slang terms containing Dhmu below:

dhmu :
Dude hit me up

Usage of DHMU

The abbreviation DHMU stands for 'Dude hit me up'. It's commonly used in texting as a friendly invitation or request for someone to contact you. This abbreviation can be used to ask someone to call, message, or hang out with you. It's a quick and informal way to ask for someone's company or time.

Examples of DHMU used in texting:

1. Hey man, haven't seen you in a while! DHMU and we'll grab lunch sometime this week.

2. I'm bored at home, DHMU if you want to come over and watch some movies.

3. Just got tickets to the concert next weekend, DHMU if you want to come with me!

All of these text messages are examples of how DHMU can be used to invite or request someone's presence. It's a shorthand way of saying "I want to see you" or "Let's hang out".

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Dhmu"

Dhmu :
Dude hit me up

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