Definition & Meaning of "BOUTA"

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bouta :
About to

Usage of BOUTA

Sure! The abbreviation "BOUTA" is commonly used in texting and informal conversations to mean "About to." It is a more casual and shortened way of expressing the action of being on the verge of doing something or being ready for a particular activity. The usage of "BOUTA" conveys a sense of immediacy and anticipation.

Examples of BOUTA used in texting:

1. Text message: "Hey, I'm BOUTA leave the house. See you in 10 minutes!"
(Meaning: "Hey, I'm about to leave the house. I'll be there in 10 minutes!")

2. Text message: "BOUTA grab some food from the drive-thru. What do you want?"
(Meaning: "About to grab some food from the drive-thru. What would you like?")

3. Text message: "Just finished getting ready. BOUTA head out for the party now!"
(Meaning: "Just finished getting ready. About to leave for the party right now!")

These examples illustrate how "BOUTA" can be used instead of saying "About to" in texting conversations to convey one's actions or intentions in a more concise and informal manner.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Bouta"

Bouta :
About to

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