Definition & Meaning of "911SC"

What does 911sc mean? View the definition of 911sc and all related slang terms containing 911sc below:

911sc :
emergency let's stop chatting

Usage of 911SC

The abbreviation 911SC stands for "emergency let's stop chatting." This is a common way to indicate that the conversation needs to end abruptly due to an urgent situation. It is generally used when someone needs to attend to something immediately and cannot continue the conversation any longer. For example, if someone is at work and suddenly receives an urgent call from their boss, they may use 911SC to quickly and politely end the conversation.

Examples of 911SC used in texting:

1. Hey, I'm sorry to cut the conversation short, but I just got a text from my mom saying my little brother is sick. 911SC
2. Can we talk later? I just got an urgent email from work that I need to attend to. 911SC
3. I'm really enjoying this conversation, but I just realized that I have a meeting in 5 minutes. 911SC

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "911sc"

911sc :
emergency let's stop chatting

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