Definition & Meaning of "6FLX"

What does 6flx mean? View the definition of 6flx and all related slang terms containing 6flx below:

6flx :
X-Rated movie (sex flick)

Usage of 6FLX

The abbreviation 6FLX is used as a shortened version of the phrase X-rated movie or sex flick. It is commonly used when referring to films that contain explicit sexual content not suitable for minors. This term is popularly used in text messages and online forums to convey the meaning of such movies without using the full phrase.

Example of 6FLX used in texting:
1) "Hey, do you wanna watch some 6FLX tonight?"
2) "I heard that new 6FLX is pretty intense."
3) "I can't believe they're showing that 6FLX at the cinema!"

All these text messages demonstrate how the abbreviation 6FLX can be used to communicate about X-rated movies or sex flicks without explicitly using those phrases.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "6flx"

6flx :
X-Rated movie (sex flick)

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