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4get :

Usage of 4GET

The abbreviation 4GET is a way to shorten the word 'forget' in text messaging. It is commonly used to save time and characters in messages. When someone uses 4GET, it means that they want or need to forget about something or someone. It could be a past event, an argument, a mistake, or even a relationship. Using 4GET in text messaging is a quick and easy way to convey this message to someone without having to type out the entire word.

Examples of 4GET used in texting:

1. "Sorry I missed your call, I was busy with work. Can we 4GET about it and catch up later?" - Example of 4GET used to apologize for missing a call and suggesting moving on from it.

2. "I'm over him now. Finally 4got about all the drama we went through!" - Example of 4GET used to indicate moving on from a past relationship and the issues that came with it.

3. "I can't believe I left my phone at home today! 4GET about texting me until I get back." - Example of 4GET used as a request for the person not to text until they have their phone back.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "4get"

4get :
4getu :
forget you

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