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Usage of 4EVER

The abbreviation 4EVER is commonly used in texting and messaging to represent the word 'forever'. The term 'forever' is often used to indicate something that will last indefinitely or for an extended period of time. The use of 4EVER is a quick and efficient way to express this idea without having to type out the full word.

Example 1:
Friend 1: "Do you think our friendship will last?"
Friend 2: "Of course! We've been besties 4EVER!"

Example 2:
Crush: "Will you go out with me?"
You: "Yes! I've had a crush on you 4EVER!"

Example 3:
Mom: "I love you, no matter what."
You: "Thanks, Mom. I'll love you 4EVER."

Examples of 4EVER used in texting.

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4ever :

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