Definition & Meaning of "4COL"

What does 4col mean? View the definition of 4col and all related slang terms containing 4col below:

4col :
For crying out loud

Usage of 4COL

The abbreviation 4COL is often used in texting as a shorthand for the phrase "For crying out loud." This phrase is typically used to express frustration or exasperation with a situation or person. For example, if someone is repeatedly making the same mistake, you might say "4COL, can't you get it right?" or "4COL, why does this keep happening?"

Examples of 4COL used in texting:
1. "I've been waiting for an hour and my friend still hasn't shown up. 4COL, where are they?"
2. "I can't believe I have to work on a Saturday. 4COL, this sucks."
3. "I asked my roommate to clean up after themselves and they still haven't done it. 4COL, it's not that hard."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "4col"

4col :
For crying out loud

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