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3vi1 :

Usage of 3VI1

3VI1 is an abbreviation commonly used in texting to mean 'evil'. This slang is a twist on the word 'evil' by replacing the letter 'e' with the number 3, and the letter 'l' with a '1'. The use of this abbreviation is often seen as humorous or edgy, and it's typically used in casual conversations with friends.

Examples of 3VI1 used in texting:

1. Hey, did you watch that horror movie last night? It was so 3VI1.
(Example of 3VI1 used in describing something frightening)

2. I can't believe he did that! That was straight-up 3VI1.
(Example of 3VI1 used to express disapproval or shock)

3. Sorry to be a little 3VI1, but I can't come to the party tonight. I have an exam tomorrow.
(Example of 3VI1 used to express regret or disappointment)

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3vi1 :

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