Definition & Meaning of "2SDAY"

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2sday :

Usage of 2SDAY

The abbreviation 2SDAY is commonly used in texting to refer to Tuesday. It is a shorthand way of conveying information quickly and efficiently. In many cases, texting involves rapid-fire conversations that require quick responses, so abbreviations like 2SDAY can come in handy.

Example of 2SDAY used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, what are you up to tomorrow?
Friend 2: Not much, just have class until 4pm on 2SDAY.

2. Mom: Don't forget your doctor's appointment is on 2SDAY at 10am.
You: Thanks for the reminder, I won't forget it.

3. Boss: Can you come into work early on Tuesday?
You: Sorry, I can't make it in earlier because I have an appointment on 2SDAY morning.

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2sday :

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