Definition & Meaning of "2NITE"

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2nite :

Usage of 2NITE

The abbreviation 2NITE is commonly used in texting to mean 'tonight'. It's often used when making plans and arrangements for the evening. The abbreviation is a convenient way to save time and space when typing out messages on a phone or computer.

Example of 2NITE used in texting:
1) Hey, are we still meeting up 2NITE?
2) Can't wait for the party 2NITE!
3) Let's catch a movie 2NITE, what do you think?

These sample text messages show how the abbreviation 2NITE can be used in different contexts to refer to plans, events or activities that happen during the evening. Using abbreviations like 2NITE can help to make texting faster and more efficient.

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2nite :

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