Definition & Meaning of "2MOZZ"

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2mozz :

Usage of 2MOZZ

The abbreviation 2MOZZ is commonly used in text messaging to mean "tomorrow". This abbreviation is typically used to convey a sense of urgency or to let the recipient know that something needs to be done or discussed by the following day.

Examples of 2MOZZ used in texting:

1. Hey, can you send me that report by 2MOZZ? We need to present it to the boss first thing in the morning. (Example of 2MOZZ used to indicate a deadline for a work-related task)

2. Want to meet up for lunch 2MOZZ? There's a new sushi place I've been wanting to try. (Example of 2MOZZ used to make plans for a casual hangout)

3. Don't forget to study for our exam 2MOZZ! We need to ace this one if we want to pass the class. (Example of 2MOZZ used to remind a friend of an important event or task)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "2mozz"

2mozz :

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