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187 :

Usage of 187

The abbreviation 187 is a code used by gang members and criminals to signify the act of murder. The origin of the code comes from the California Penal Code section 187, which defines the crime of murder. The code is used to avoid being caught by police or other authorities while discussing criminal activities over text messages.

Example of 187 used in texting:
1. "Yo, did you handle that problem with the snitch?" "Yeah, took care of it. 187."
2. "Haven't heard from Mike in a while. You think he got caught?" "Nah, he's fine. Just took care of a 187 for us."
3. "Make sure you keep your mouth shut about what we did last night." "Relax, I'm not gonna 187 you, we're in this together."

Examples of 187 used in texting:
1. Text message between two gang members discussing the murder of a rival gang member.
2. Text message between two criminals discussing the elimination of a witness.
3. Text message between two partners in a crime discussing the killing of a police officer who was pursuing them.

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187 :

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