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10x :

Usage of 10X

In texting, it's common to use abbreviations to save time and make messages more concise. One such abbreviation is '10X,' which means 'thanks.' This abbreviation is often used to express gratitude to someone who has helped or done something nice for you.

Example 1:
Friend A: Hey, can you bring me some snacks when you come over?
Friend B: Sure thing, I'll grab some chips and dip for us!
Friend A: Awesome, 10X!

Example 2:
Co-worker 1: Hey, do you mind grabbing some coffee on your way in?
Co-worker 2: No problem, I'll grab one for you too.
Co-worker 1: You're the best, 10X!

Example 3:
Family member 1: Thanks for picking me up from the airport!
Family member 2: No worries, happy to help.
Family member 1: 10X, you're a lifesaver!

Examples of '10X' used in texting.

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10x :

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