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Drug Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With Z

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Below is a list of 25 drug slang terms starting with the letter z.

z - 1 ounce of heroin

z's - benzodiazipines

zacatecas purple - Marijuana from Mexico

zambi - Marijuana

zannie - xanax pill

zay - A mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar; blunts

ze - Opium

zen - LSD

zero - Opium

zest - Speed

zesty - Amphetamine

zig zag man - Marijuana; LSD; marijuana rolling papers

zip - crystal methamphetamine

zip - an ounce of marijuana

zip - Cocaine

zip - ounce

zol - Marijuana cigarette

zombie - PCP; heavy user of drugs

zombie weed - PCP

zonked - Extremely high on drugs

zooie - Holds butt of marijuana cigarette

zoom - Marijuana laced with PCP; PCP

zoomer - Individual who sells fake crack and then flees

zoquete - Heroin

zulu - Bogus crack

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