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Drug Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With H

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Below is a list of 177 drug slang terms starting with the letter h.

h - Heroin

h & c - Heroin and cocaine

h - bomb - Ecstasy (MDMA) mixed with heroin

h caps - Heroin

hache - Heroin

hail - Crack Cocaine

haircut - Marijuana

hairy - Heroin

half - 1/2 ounce

half a football field - 50 rocks of crack

half elbows - 1/2 pound of methamphetamine

half g - $500

half load - 15 bags (decks) of heroin

half moon - Peyote

half piece - 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine

half track - Crack Cocaine

half-a-c - $50 bill

ham - acid

hamburger helper - Crack Cocaine

hammerheading - MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) used in combination with Viagra

hand-to-hand - Direct delivery and payment

hand-to-hand man - Transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack

handlebars - Combination of crack cocaine and alprazolam

hanhich - Marijuana

hanyak - Smokable methamphetamine

happy cigarette - Marijuana cigarette

happy drug - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

happy dust - Cocaine

happy pill - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

happy powder - Cocaine

happy stick - Marijuana and PCP combination

happy sticks - PCP

happy trails - Cocaine

hard ball - Crack Cocaine

hard candy - Heroin

hard line - Crack Cocaine

hard rock - Crack Cocaine

hard stuff - Heroin; opium

hardware - Isobutyl nitrite; inhalants

harry - Heroin

harsh - Marijuana

has - Marijuana

hash - hasish

hats - LSD

have a dust - Cocaine

haven dust - Cocaine

hawaiian - Very high potency marijuana

hawaiian black - Marijuana

hawaiian homegrown hay - Marijuana

hawaiian sunshine - LSD

hawk - LSD

hawkers - Individuals who walk through a setting (nightclub) announcing the availability of a drug (typically MDMA, GHB, or LSD)

hay - Marijuana

hay butt - Marijuana cigarette

hayron - Heroin

haze - LSD

hazel - Heroin

hcp - PCP

he-man - Fentanyl

he-she - Heroin mixed with cocaine

head drugs - Amphetamine

head light - LSD

head shop - Store specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia

headies - high quality marijuana

heart-on - Inhalants

hearts - Amphetamine

heat - The police or narcotics officers

heaven - Cocaine; heroin

heaven & hell - PCP

heaven dust - Cocaine; heroin

heavenly blue - LSD

heeled - Having plenty of money

helen - Heroin

hell - Crack Cocaine

hell dust - Heroin

henpecking - Searching on hands and knees for crack

henry - Heroin

henry - 1/8 oz marajuana

henry - one eigth of marijuana

henry viii - Cocaine

her - Cocaine

hera - Heroin

herb - Marijuana

herb and al - Marijuana and alcohol

herba - Marijuana

herbal bliss - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

herbs - cannabis

heri - heroin

herms - PCP

hero - Heroin

hero of the underworld - Heroin

heroina (spanish) - Heroin

herone - Heroin

hessle - Heroin

hiagra in a bottle - Inhalants

highball - Inhalants

highbeams - The wide eyes of a person on crack

hikori - Peyote

hikuli - Peyote

hillbilly heroin - OxyContin

him - Heroin

hinkley - PCP

hippie crack - Inhalants

hippieflip - Use of mushrooms and MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

hironpon - Smokable methamphetamine

hiropon - Smokable methamphetamine

hit - To smoke marijuana; marijuana cigarette; Crack Cocaine

hit house - House where users go to shoot up and leave the owner drugs as payment

hit the hay - To smoke marijuana

hit the main line - To inject a drug

hit the needle - To inject a drug

hit the pit - To inject a drug

hitch up the reindeers - To inhale cocaine

hitter - Little pipe designed for only one hit

hitters - People who inject others who have hard to find veins in exchange for drugs

hitting the slopes - snorting coke

hitting up - To inject a drug

hocus - Marijuana; opium

hog - PCP

holding - Possessing drugs

holiday meth - Green methamphetamine produced using Drano crystals

holy terror - Heroin

hombre (spanish) - Heroin

hombrecitos (spanish) - Psilocybin

homegrown - Marijuana

homicide - Heroin cut with scopolamine or strychnine

honey - Currency

honey blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed with honey

honey oil - Ketamine; inhalants

honeymoon - Early stages of drug use before addiction or dependency develops

hong-yen - Heroin in pill form

hooch - Marijuana

hoodie - marijuana cigarette

hooked - Addicted

hooter - Cocaine; marijuana

hop/hops - Opium

hopped up - Under the influence of drugs

horn - To inhale cocaine; Crack pipe; to inhale a drug

horning - To inhale cocaine; heroin

horse - Heroin

horse heads - Amphetamine

horse tracks - PCP

horse tranquilizer - PCP

horsebite - Heroin

hospital heroin - Diluadid

hot box - smoking in a car with the windows up

hot dope - Heroin

hot heroin - Heroin poisoned to give to a police informant

hot ice - Smokable methamphetamine

hot load/hot shot - Lethal injection of a narcotic

hot rolling - Liquefying methamphetamine in an eye dropper and then inhaling it

hot stick - Marijuana cigarette

hotcakes - Crack Cocaine

hotrailing - To heat methamphetamine and inhale the vapor through nose using a plastic tube

house fee - Money paid to enter a crackhouse

house piece - Crack given to the owner of a crackhouse or apartment where crack users congregate

how do you like me now? - Crack Cocaine

hows - Morphine

hrn - Heroin

hubba - Crack Cocaine

hubba pigeon - Crack users looking for rocks on the floor after a police raid

hubba, i am back - Crack Cocaine

hubbas - Crack

hubbas (northern ca) - Crack; I am back

huff - Inhalants

huffer - Inhalant abuser

huffing - To sniff an inhalant

hug drug - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

hugs and kisses - Combination of methamphetamine and methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

hulling - Using others to get drugs

hunter - Cocaine

hustle - Attempt to obtain drug customers

hyatari - Peyote

hydro - Amphetamine; high quality methamphetamine; marijuana; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA); marijuana grown in water (hydroponic)

hydrogrows - Indoor marijuana growing operations

hype - Heroin addict; an addict; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

hype stick - Hypodermic needle

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