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NoSlang Drugs Offical Press Release

What does this site do? Drugs is a translator and dictionary similiar to those offered by Google or AltaVista with one major difference: It translates drug slang. We've mixed government databases with user submitted terms and spent hours editing them in an attempt to provide an accurate, up to date drug slang dictionary.

When we started the internet slang dictionary the response was tremendous. Parents praised us for helping them understand what their kids were saying, and kids just liked to play with the damn thing. Either way we got lots of traffic, and they submitted lots of terms.

Many of the terms you submitted dealt with drugs. Unfortunately drugs fell outside the realm of internet slang but we still felt they were important - so we just held onto them instead of adding them to the slang dictionary. After surveying some parents, students, and law enforcement officers we realized that there was interest in our collection of drug slang terms. Thus, NoSlang Drugs was born!

I don't see my drug slang listed
Found a word that we're missing? Great! Let us know about it. Use our Drug Slang Submission Form and help us grow our database. We know that drug slang changes frequently so we appreciate all the help we can get.

How do I link to a specific definition?
It would be convient to send somebody directly to the definition of a word wouldn't it? Just link to (where L is the letter and word is the word). Example: you would link to the definition of quas with

Can I use your database in my application?
While our database is mostly user submitted, we do put many hours of hard work into maintaining and updating it. Currently, we do not allow unauthorized usage of our slang dictionary. If you have an idea for a neat way to use our slang database, please contact Ryan (ryan at noslang dot com) and let him know. He'll be more than happy to try to accomodate you.

I have a question, comment or suggestion.
We're always looking for ways to improve our service, and we've got many new features planned for the near future. If you have a way to improve the site, please let us know. You can contact Ryan via email at: ryan at noslang dot com

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