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Drug Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With P

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Below is a list of 197 drug slang terms starting with the letter p.

p and p - Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra

p-dogs - Combination of cocaine and marijuana

p-dope - 20-30% pure heroin

p-funk - Crack mixed with PCP; heroin

p.r. - Panama Red

pac man - ecxtasy

pack - Marijuana; heroin

pack a bowl - Marijuana

pack of rocks - Marijuana cigarette

pakaloco - Marijuana ("crazy tobacco")

pakalolo - Marijuana

pakistani black - Marijuana

panama cut - Marijuana

panama gold - Marijuana

panama red - Marijuana

panatella - Large marijuana cigarette

pancakes and syrup - Combination of glutethimide and codeine cough syrup

pane - LSD

pangonadalot - Heroin

panic - Drugs not available

paper - A dosage unit of heroin; one-tenth of a gram or less of the drug ice or methamphetamine

paper - 1/4 gram

paper acid - LSD

paper bag - Container for drugs

paper blunts - Marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing

paper boy - Heroin peddler

paper chaser - drug dealer trying to come up

papers - Folded paper used to package drugs

parabolin - Oral steroids; veterinary steroid

parachute - Crack and PCP smoked; heroin; smokable crack and heroin mixture

parachute down - Use of MDMA after heroin

paradise - Cocaine

paradise white - Cocaine

pariba - Powder cocaine

parlay - Crack Cocaine

parsley - Marijuana combined with PCP

party and play - Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra

party pack - Combination of 2C-B (Nexus) with other illicit drugs, particulary MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine; ecstasy)

paste - Crack Cocaine

pasto (spanish) - Marijuana

pat - Marijuana

patico (spanish) - Crack Cocaine

paz (spanish) - PCP

pcp - phencyclidine

pcpa - PCP

peace - PCP; LSD; MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

peace pill - PCP

peace tablets - LSD

peace weed - PCP

peaches - Amphetamine

peanut - Depressants

peanut butter - Methamphetamine; PCP mixed with peanut butter

pearl - Cocaine

pearls - Amyl nitrite

pearly gates - LSD

pebbles - Crack Cocaine

peddlar - Drug supplier

pedico - Cocaine

pee wee - Crack Cocaine; $5 worth of crack

peep - PCP

peeper(s) - MDMA user(s)

peg - Heroin

pellets - LSD

pen yan - Opium

pep pills - Amphetamine

pepsi habit - Occasional use of drugs

perc-a-pop - A berry-flavored lozenge containing fentanyl on a stick designed to give relief to cancer patients that is being illegally diverted

percia - Cocaine

percio - Cocaine

perfect high - Heroin

perico - cocaine

perico (spanish) - Cocaine

perlas (spanish) - Street dealer (heroin)

perp - Fake crack made of candle wax and baking soda

peruvian - Cocaine

peruvian flake - Cocaine

peruvian lady - Cocaine

peter - Depressants

peter pan - PCP

peth - Depressant

peyote - Mescaline

peyote - Mescaline

pharming - Consuming a mixture of prescription substances

phennies - Depressants

phenos - Depressants

phet - Amphetamine

philly blunts - Marijuana

pianoing - Using the fingers to find lost crack

picking - Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack

piece - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; 1 ounce

piedra (spanish) - Crack Cocaine

piff - marijuana

pig killer - PCP

piggybacking - Simultaneous injection of 2 drugs; sequential use of more than one methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) tablet

pikachu - Pills containing PCP and Ecstasy

piles - Crack Cocaine

pill houses - Residences where pills are illicitly sold

pill ladies - Female senior citizens who sell OxyContin

pills - OxyContin

pimp - Cocaine

pimp your pipe - Lending or renting crack pipe or stem

pin - Marijuana

pin gon - Opium

pin yen - Opium

ping-in-wing - To inject a drug

pingus - Rohypnol

pink - Methamphetamine

pink blotters - LSD

pink elephants - Methamphetamine

pink hearts - Amphetamine; methamphetamine

pink ladies - Depressants

pink panther - LSD

pink panthers - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

pink robots - LSD

pink wedges - LSD

pink witches - LSD

pipe - Crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances

pipero (spanish) - Crack user

pit - PCP

pits - PCP

pixies - Amphetamine

planks - alprazolam (xanax)

plant - Hiding place for drugs

playboy bunnies - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

playboys - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

pluto - Heroin

pnp - party and play

po coke - Methamphetamine

po-fiend - One who is addicted to smoking marijuana

pocket rocket - Marijuana; marijuana cigarette

pod - Marijuana

point - A needle

poison - Heroin; fentanyl

poke - Marijuana; to smoke marijuana

pollutants - Amphetamines; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

polo - Mixture of heroin and motion sickness drug

polvo (spanish) - Heroin; PCP

polvo blanco (spanish) - Cocaine

polvo de angel (spanish) - PCP

polvo de estrellas (spanish) - PCP

pony - Crack Cocaine

pony packs - Folded paper used to package drugs

poor man's coke - Methamphetamine

poor man's heroin - Talwin and ritalin combination is injected and produces an effect similar to the effect of heroin mixed with cocaine.

poor man's pot - Inhalants

pop - To inhale cocaine; crack cocaine

poppers - Isobutyl nitrite; amyl nitrite; methamphetamine

poppers - Assorted Pills

poppy - Heroin

poro - Heroin plus PCP (phencyclidine)

pot - Marijuana

potato - LSD

potato chips - Crack cut with benzocaine

potlikker - Marijuana

potten bush - Marijuana

powder - Cocaine HCL; heroin; amphetamine

powder diamonds - Cocaine

power puller - Rubber piece attached to crack stem

pox - Opium

predator - Heroin

premos - Marijuana joints laced with crack cocaine

prescription - Marijuana cigarette

press - Cocaine; Crack Cocaine

pretendica - Marijuana

pretendo - Marijuana

primbolin - Injectable and oral steroids

prime time - Crack Cocaine

primo - Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco

primo square - A marijuana joint laced with crack

primo turbo - Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana

primobolan - Injectable and oral steroid

primos - Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin

product - Crack Cocaine

proviron - Oral steroids

pseudocaine - Crack cocaine cut with phenylpropanolamine

puff the dragon - To smoke marijuana

puffer - Crack smoker

puffy - PCP

pulborn - Heroin

pullers - Crack users who pull at parts of their bodies excessively

pumpers - Steroids

pumping - Selling crack

pure - Heroin

pure love - LSD

purple - Ketamine

purple barrels - LSD

purple caps - Crack cocaine

purple flats - LSD

purple gel tabs - Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

purple haze - LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana

purple hearts - LSD; amphetamine; depressants

purple ozoline - LSD

purple pills - Ecstasy

purple rain - PCP

push - Sell drugs

push shorts - To cheat; sell short amounts

pusher - Metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue out of crack stems; one who sells drugs

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