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Drug Slang Dictionary - Words Starting With Y

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Below is a list of 37 drug slang terms starting with the letter y.

ya ba - A pure and powerful form of methamphetamine from Thailand; "crazy drug"

yahoo/yeaho - Crack Cocaine

yale - Crack Cocaine

yam - Crack cocaine

yank - heroin

yao - Powder cocaine

yay - Rock of crack cocaine

yayo - Cocaine

yayoo - Crack Cocaine

yeah-o - Crack Cocaine

yeh - Marijuana

yellow - LSD; depressants

yellow bam - Methamphetamine

yellow bullets - Depressants

yellow dimples - LSD

yellow fever - PCP

yellow jackets - Depressants; methamphetamine

yellow powder - Methamphetamine

yellow submarine - Marijuana

yellow sunshine - LSD

yen pop - Marijuana

yen shee suey - Opium wine

yen sleep - Restless, drowsy state after LSD use

yeo - Crack

yeola - Marijuana and crack

yerba mala - Marijuana

yerba mala - PCP and marijuana

yerhia - Marijuana

yesca - Marijuana

yesco - Marijuana

yey - cocaine

yeyo - Cocaine, Spanish term

yimyom - Crack Cocaine

ying yang - LSD

yoda - cocaine

yola - cocaine

yolo - cocaine

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