Definition & Meaning of "YAS"

What does yas mean? View the definition of yas and all related slang terms containing yas below:

yas :
you are stupid

Usage of YAS

I'm sorry, but the definition you provided for the abbreviation 'YAS' is incorrect. In fact, 'YAS' is an expression of excitement or agreement, often used to express enthusiasm for something. It is a shortened version of the phrase "yes, yes" and is commonly used in online conversations.

Examples of YAS used in texting:
1. "YAS! I can't wait for the concert tonight!"
2. "Did you see that movie last night? YAS, it was amazing!"
3. "YAS girl, you look fabulous in that dress!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "yas"

cyas :
see you soon
I love you all so much
ttyas :
talk to you at school
wyas :
wow you are stupid
yas :
you are stupid
yasan :
You are such a nerd
yasf :
you are so funny
yasfg :
you are so f**king gay
yasg :
you are so gay
yasw :
you are so weird

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