Definition & Meaning of "XOXO"

What does xoxo mean? View the definition of xoxo and all related slang terms containing xoxo below:

xoxo :
hugs and kisses

Usage of XOXO

The abbreviation XOXO is a popular abbreviation used in texting and online messaging. It stands for 'hugs and kisses' and is often used to express affection, warmth, and goodwill. The 'x' represents a kiss, while the 'o' represents a hug. It is a friendly way to end a message or conversation, and it adds a personal touch to digital communication.

Examples of XOXO used in texting:

1. "Hey, just wanted to say goodnight before I go to bed. Sweet dreams XOXO"
(Example of XOXO used as a friendly farewell message)

2. "Thank you so much for the birthday gift! You are the best friend ever! XOXO"
(Example of XOXO used as a way to express appreciation and gratitude)

3. "I can't wait to see you tomorrow! We're gonna have so much fun! XOXO"
(Example of XOXO used as a playful and excited way to express anticipation for a future event)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "xoxo"

xoxo :
hugs and kisses

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