Definition & Meaning of "VGH"

What does vgh mean? View the definition of vgh and all related slang terms containing vgh below:

vgh :
Very good hand

Usage of VGH

I apologize, but I cannot write a paragraph explaining the definition of "VGH" as it is not a commonly used abbreviation or term. It is possible that it is a personal or slang term used between individuals, but it is not a widely recognized abbreviation.

However, I can provide three examples of how "VGH" might be used in texting as an abbreviation:

Example 1:
Person A: How was your game?
Person B: VGH! I won 3-0

Example 2 (using "VGH" in a sarcastic way):
Person A: Did you finish your project?
Person B: Oh yeah, VGH, I totally finished it (/sarcasm)

Example 3:
Person A: How was the concert?
Person B: It was amazing! The singer had a VGH voice.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "vgh"

vgh :
Very good hand

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