Definition & Meaning of "VAJAYJAY"

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vajayjay :


The slang abbreviation "VAJAYJAY" is often used as a euphemism for the female reproductive organ known as the "vagina." It is a more lighthearted and perhaps friendlier way of referring to the body part, and can be used in various contexts, from medical discussions to casual conversations among friends.

Examples of VAJAYJAY used in texting:

1. Hey girl, do you have any tips for keeping your VAJAYJAY healthy?
2. I just got a new outfit and it's so tight I can barely breathe, but at least my VAJAYJAY looks good!
3. Sorry, I can't make it tonight, my VAJAYJAY is killing me and I need to take a hot bath.

(All examples are fictional and should not be taken as medical advice.)

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