Definition & Meaning of "USUK"

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usuk :
You Suck

Usage of USUK

The abbreviation USUK is an online slang term that stands for 'You Suck'. It is commonly used in texting, messaging, and social media to express strong disapproval or dissatisfaction towards someone or something. The phrase can be used in different contexts, from expressing contempt towards a person's actions or behavior to expressing disappointment towards a certain situation.

Examples of USUK used in texting:

1. Example of USUK used in texting:
Person A: Hey, did you hear about the party last night?
Person B: Yeah, I heard it was a boring night. USUK.

2. Example of USUK used in texting:
Person A: I forgot my lunch at home today.
Person B: You always forget something. USUK.

3. Example of USUK used in texting:
Person A: I just failed my driving test again.
Person B: Maybe you're not cut out for driving. USUK.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "usuk"

usuk :
You Suck

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