Definition & Meaning of "U2U"

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u2u :
up to you

Usage of U2U

The abbreviation U2U is commonly used in texting and informal communication to refer to the phrase "up to you." It usually indicates that the decision is up to the person being addressed, and the speaker is giving them the freedom to choose whatever they prefer. It is frequently used in situations where both options are equally valid or when the speaker doesn't want to decide for the other person.

Example of U2U used in texting:

1. Person 1: "Hey, do you want to grab sushi or pizza for dinner tonight?"
Person 2: "U2U, I'm good with either one!"

2. Person 1: "I'm not sure what movie to watch tonight, what do you recommend?"
Person 2: "Well, I'm fine with anything, U2U."

3. Person 1: "I have to decide between two job offers, but I can't make up my mind."
Person 2: "That's a tough one, but U2U. You know better what suits you best."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "u2u"

u2u :
up to you

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