Definition & Meaning of "TT4N"

What does tt4n mean? View the definition of tt4n and all related slang terms containing tt4n below:

tt4n :
ta ta for now

Usage of TT4N

The abbreviation TT4N is commonly used in informal texting and messaging contexts to say 'ta ta for now.' This means that the person signing off is saying goodbye for the time being, but may be in touch again soon. The phrase is often used as a friendly and informal way to end a conversation or exchange, and is particularly useful in situations where the people involved may not be able to continue communicating for a while due to other commitments or activities.

Examples of TT4N used in texting:

1. Hey, I've got to run and grab some groceries. Thanks for chatting! TT4N :)
2. Good luck with your exam tomorrow! I'm heading to bed now, TT4N.
3. It's been great catching up with you, but I have to head out now. TT4N and talk soon.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tt4n"

tt4n :
ta ta for now

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