Definition & Meaning of "TJB"

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tjb :
thats just boring

Usage of TJB

The abbreviation TJB is often used in texting to express boredom or disinterest in a particular topic or activity. It stands for 'thats just boring' and is commonly used by younger generations. The abbreviation is a quick and easy way to communicate a lack of excitement or enthusiasm for something without having to type out a lengthy explanation.

Examples of TJB used in texting:
1) Friend: "Hey, wanna come over and watch paint dry?"
You: "TJB, sorry not my idea of a good time."
2) Sibling: "Can we go to the museum?"
You: "Sorry, TJB. Let's do something more fun."
3) Classmate: "Have you read the entire history textbook yet?"
You: "TJB, not interested at all."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tjb"

tjb :
thats just boring

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