Definition & Meaning of "THOT"

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thot :
that hoe over there

Usage of THOT

The abbreviation THOT is a derogatory term used to refer to women who are perceived as promiscuous or sexually loose. The term originated from hip-hop culture and gained popularity among young people through social media. It is often used to describe women who dress provocatively or engage in sexual behavior that is deemed unacceptable by societal standards.

Example 1: "Did you see Sarah at the party last night? She was all over every guy there. Total THOT."

Example 2: "I can't believe that THOT is still trying to hook up with my boyfriend. She has no shame."

Example 3: "I don't understand why guys like thots. They have no self-respect and are just looking for attention."

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "thot"

thot :
that hoe over there

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