Definition & Meaning of "TBQF"

What does tbqf mean? View the definition of tbqf and all related slang terms containing tbqf below:

tbqf :
to be quite frank

Usage of TBQF

The abbreviation TBQF stands for 'to be quite frank'. It is often used in written communication to express honesty or directness, typically before stating an opinion or making a statement that may be perceived as blunt or straightforward. Using TBQF can help to clarify the intended tone and ensure that the reader understands the speaker's perspective.

Examples of TBQF used in texting:

1. "TBQF, I don't think that outfit is very flattering on you. Maybe try something else?" (Example of TBQF used to offer fashion advice)
2. "TBQF, I'm not a huge fan of your new boyfriend. He seems kind of arrogant." (Example of TBQF used to express disapproval)
3. "TBQF, I'm getting tired of always being the one who initiates plans. Can you try to make more of an effort?" (Example of TBQF used to express frustration and request action)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tbqf"

tbqf :
to be quite frank

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