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tal :
thanks a lot

What does tal mean?

tal means "thanks a lot"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tal"

2tali :
aatf :
always and totally forever
aufm :
are you f**king mental
bth :
be totally honest
bttyl :
be talking to you later
c/t :
can't talk
catwot :
complete and total waste of time
ct :
can't talk
ctn :
can't talk now
ctnbos :
can't talk now boss over shoulder
ctncl :
Can't talk now call later
ctpc :
cant talk parent(s) coming
ctpos :
Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
ctrn :
can't talk right now
dttm :
don't talk to me
dttml :
don't talk to me loser
dwt :
don't wanna talk
Idkwtfytb :
I dont know what the f**k you're talking about
f2t :
Free to talk
fe :
fatal error
g2t2s :
got to talk to someone
grillz :
metal teeth
gtty :
good talking to you
ictrn :
I can't talk right now
idkwurta :
I don't know what you are talking about.
ita :
I Totally Agree
j/t :
just talking
kots :
keep on talking s**t
kt :
keep talking
ltl :
Let's talk later
ltnt :
long time no talk
npnt :
no picture, no talk
ntstt :
not safe to talk
ntt :
need to talk
ntta :
nothing to talk about
ntty :
nice talking to you
osbutctt :
only sad b*****ds use this crappy text talk
pfos :
parental figure over sholder
poontang :
female genitalia
t.t.y.l :
Talk To You Later
t2m :
talk to me
t2u :
talking to you
t2ul :
talk to you later
t2ul8r :
talk to you later
tal :
thanks a lot
talkin :
tbtfh :
to be totally freaking honest
td2m :
talk dirty to me
tdtm :
Talk Dirty To Me
tdtml :
talk dirty to me later
tfbundy :
totaly f**ked but unfortunatly not dead yet
tfd :
total f**king disaster
tk2ul :
talk to you later
tl8r :
talk later
tlk :
tlk2me :
talk to me
tlk2ul8r :
talk to you later
tlkin :
tlkn :
tnc :
totally not cool
tnmp :
Totally not my problem
tok2ul8r :
i'll talk to you later
totes :
totl :
totp :
talking on the phone
ts :
talking s**t
ttl :
ttlly :
ttly :
ttm :
talk to me
ttml :
talk to me later
ttmn :
Talk to me now
ttms :
talking to myself
ttth :
Talk To The Hand
ttul :
Talk To You Later
ttul8r :
Talk to you later
ttus :
talk to you soon
ttut :
Talk to you Tomorrow
tty :
Talk to You
ttyab :
Talk to you after breakfast
ttyad :
Talk to you after Dinner
ttyal :
Talk to you after lunch
ttyas :
talk to you at school
ttyiam :
talk to you in a minute
ttyitm :
talk to you in the morning
ttyl :
talk to you later
ttyl2 :
Talk to you later too
ttyl8r :
talk to you later
ttylo :
talk to you later on
ttylt :
talk to you later today
ttyn :
talk to you never
ttyna :
talk to you never again
ttynl :
talk to you never loser
ttynw :
talk to you next week
ttyo :
talk to you online
ttyotp :
talk to you on the phone
ttyrs :
talk to you really soon
ttys :
talk to you soon
ttyt :
talk to you tomorrow
ttytm :
talk to you tomorrow
ttyw :
talk to you whenever
ttywl :
Talk to you way later
twyl :
Talk With You Later
twys :
Talk With You Soon
uttm :
you talking to me?
wuta :
what you talking about
swswta :
so what should we talk about
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
wayta :
what are you talking about
wduwta :
what do you wanna talk about
wduwtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdywta :
what do you wanna talk about
wdywtta :
what do you want to talk about
wmts :
we must talk soon
wswta :
What shall we talk about?
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?
wutb :
What are you talking about
wuwta :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtab :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtta :
what you want to talk about
wuwttb :
What you want to talk about
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life

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