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sxs :

Usage of SXS

The abbreviation SXS is primarily used as a shorthand for the word 'sex', which refers to an intimate act between two or more consenting individuals. This can include a variety of sexual activities, such as intercourse, oral sex, and various forms of foreplay. While the topic of sex can be sensitive and personal, using the abbreviation SXS can make it easier to discuss and convey information about sexual matters in a manner that is more efficient and less formal.

Example of SXS used in texting:
1. Hey, are you free tonight? I was thinking we could have some SXS... 😉
2. I'm not really in the mood for SXS tonight, maybe we could just cuddle?
3. I can't believe she was talking about her SXS life in front of her parents, that's so awkward!

Examples of SXS used in texting

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