Definition & Meaning of "SUABQ"

What does suabq mean? View the definition of suabq and all related slang terms containing suabq below:

suabq :
shut up and be quiet

Usage of SUABQ

The abbreviation SUABQ is often used in texting and it stands for 'shut up and be quiet'. This abbreviation is used to instruct someone to stop talking or making noise, often in a direct and sometimes rude way. It may come off as harsh and impolite, so it is important to use SUABQ only when necessary and in the right context.

Examples of SUABQ used in texting:
1. Friend: I can't believe she didn't show up to the party last night!
You: SUABQ, we don't need the drama right now.

2. Parent: Can you turn down the music, please?
You: SUABQ, I'm trying to focus on studying.

3. Coworker: Have you seen the report deadlines for next week?
You: SUABQ, I'm on a call with a client right now.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "suabq"

suabq :
shut up and be quiet

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