Definition & Meaning of "SOS"

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sos :
same old s**t

Usage of SOS

The abbreviation SOS is primarily used to refer to 'same old s**t'. This phrase is often used to describe a situation where things are consistently and predictably unchanging, dull, or frustrating. The term SOS is an informal and casual way of expressing one's exasperation with such situations. It is commonly used in texting since it saves time and space while conveying the intended message effectively.

Examples of SOS used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Hey, how's work?
Friend 2: SOS, you know how it is. Same old s**t.
(Examples of SOS used in texting)

2. Parent: How was school today?
Teenager: It was boring as usual. SOS.
(Examples of SOS used in texting)

3. Employee 1: Did you get any exciting projects today?
Employee 2: Nope, it's just SOS - same old s**t.
(Examples of SOS used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sos"

besos :
psos :
parent standing over sholder
sos :
same old s**t
sosdd :
same old s**t, different day
sosg :
spouse over shoulder gone

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