Definition & Meaning of "SOB"

What does sob mean? View the definition of sob and all related slang terms containing sob below:

sob :
son of a b***h

Usage of SOB

The abbreviation SOB stands for "son of a b***h" and is used to express anger, frustration, or disappointment towards someone or something. It is a derogatory term used to insult someone's mother, implying that they are of low social status or behavior. While it can be considered offensive and inappropriate, it is commonly used in informal settings such as texting, social media, or casual conversations.

Example of SOB used in texting:
1. "I can't believe my boss just fired me! SOB, I'm so mad right now."
2. "He cheated on me again! SOB, I should have known better than to trust him."
3. "SOB, my phone just died in the middle of an important call! This is so frustrating."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sob"

fsob :
f**king son of a b***h
nigysob :
now I've got you son of a b***h
sob :
son of a b***h
sobs :
same, old, boring s**t
ssob :
stupid sons of b***hes

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