Definition & Meaning of "SMTO"

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smto :
Sticking My Tongue Out

Usage of SMTO

The abbreviation SMTO is a playful and informal way of expressing oneself in text messages. It means 'Sticking My Tongue Out' and is often used to convey a sense of playfulness, sarcasm or teasing. For instance, when someone makes a joke that's not funny or says something ridiculous, you can respond with SMTO to show you're not taking them seriously.

Examples of SMTO used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I heard you got lost in the mall yesterday!"
Friend 2: "SMTO...yeah, I did."

2. Crush: "You know you want to go on a date with me ;)"
You: "SMTO, don't flatter yourself."

3. Sibling: "Mom said you have to do the dishes tonight."
You: "SMTO, I did them last night. It's your turn."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "smto"

smto :
Sticking My Tongue Out
smtoay :
Sticking my tongue out at you

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