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shite :

Usage of SHITE

SHITE is a slang term that means 's**t' and is commonly used as an abbreviation in texting. It is used to describe something that is unpleasant, undesirable, or of poor quality. The word SHITE is also used to express frustration, disappointment, or anger towards a situation or person.

Example of SHITE used in texting:

1. "My boss just gave me a ton of work to do on a Friday night, SHITE!" - This text message expresses frustration towards the situation and uses SHITE as an abbreviation for 's**t.'

2. "I can't believe how much homework I have to do this weekend, SHITE is real!" - This text message uses SHITE to express the amount of work that needs to be done and how unpleasant it is.

3. "I just saw the new movie and it was SHITE, don't waste your money on it!" - This text message uses SHITE to describe the quality of the movie and advises the recipient not to watch it.

Examples of SHITE used in texting:

1. My date stood me up again, SHITE!

2. I woke up late and missed my exam, SHITE!

3. The weather forecast says it's going to rain on my birthday, SHITE!

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