Definition & Meaning of "SFTBC"

What does sftbc mean? View the definition of sftbc and all related slang terms containing sftbc below:

sftbc :
Sorry for the broad cast

Usage of SFTBC

The abbreviation SFTBC is typically used in text messaging as a way to apologize for sending a message to a large group of people that was intended for only one person. This could happen when someone hits the wrong button or selects the wrong group chat. It can be embarrassing or awkward to send confidential or personal messages to a large group. SFTBC is a way of acknowledging the mistake and saying sorry for any inconvenience or confusion caused.

Examples of SFTBC used in texting:

1. "Hey, I just wanted to apologize for that last message in the group chat. It was meant for Mary only. SFTBC."
2. "Oops, I hit the wrong button and just sent that message to everyone. SFTBC for the confusion."
3. "I'm so sorry for sending such a long message to the entire team. It was meant for my assistant only. SFTBC."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sftbc"

sftbc :
Sorry for the broad cast

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