Definition & Meaning of "ROXORZ"

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roxorz :

Usage of ROXORZ

The abbreviation 'ROXORZ' is a popular slang term used amongst young people that means 'rocks'. It is commonly used to express admiration or excitement for something or someone. For instance, if someone thinks a particular movie is amazing, they might say "That movie ROXORZ!" It's a quick and informal way to express enthusiasm.

Examples of ROXORZ used in texting:

1. "OMG! I just got tickets to see my favorite band live in concert! They totally ROXORZ!"
(Example of ROXORZ used to express excitement)

2. "I just finished watching the latest episode of my favorite TV show and it was amazing! It totally ROXORZ!"
(Example of ROXORZ used to express admiration)

3. "I'm so glad I went to that party last night. The music was awesome and the people there totally ROXORZ!"
(Example of ROXORZ used to express overall positivity)

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