Definition & Meaning of "ROTFPM"

What does rotfpm mean? View the definition of rotfpm and all related slang terms containing rotfpm below:

rotfpm :
rolling on the floor pissing myself

Usage of ROTFPM

The abbreviation ROTFPM is commonly used to represent the phrase 'rolling on the floor pissing myself'. It is used to express immense laughter or joy in a situation. It's often used in texting or online conversations as a quick way to convey strong emotions of laughter.

Example of ROTFPM used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Did you hear about the cat that got stuck in the fan?
Friend 2: No, what happened?
Friend 1: It was a disaster! The cat flew across the room! ROTFPM

2. Friend 1: You won't believe what happened in class today!
Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: Our professor accidentally spilled coffee on himself and then started lecturing on the benefits of stain remover. ROTFPM

3. Friend 1: Did you see that new meme? It's hilarious!
Friend 2: No, show me!
Friend 1: (sends the meme) ROTFPM, it's so funny!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rotfpm"

rotfpm :
rolling on the floor pissing myself

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