Definition & Meaning of "ROL"

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rol :
rolling over laugihng

Usage of ROL

The abbreviation ROL is commonly used in texting to express the action of rolling over laughing. When someone finds something extremely amusing, they may text ROL to indicate that they cannot stop laughing, and the laughter is figuratively causing them to roll over. This abbreviation is often used in informal conversations between friends, family members, or co-workers.

Examples of ROL used in texting:
1. Example of ROL used in texting:
Friend 1: Did you see that cat video I sent you?
Friend 2: Yes, I just watched it. ROL, that was hilarious!
2. Example of ROL used in texting:
Mom: I can't find my glasses anywhere!
Child: Check on your head, Mom. ROL!
3. Example of ROL used in texting:
Co-worker 1: Did you hear what happened at the meeting yesterday?
Co-worker 2: No, what happened?
Co-worker 1: Janet accidentally hit the mute button and didn't realize everyone was talking to her for 10 minutes. ROL!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rol"

prolly :
prollz :
rol :
rolling over laugihng
rolmao :
Rolling Over Laughing My Ass Off
rolmfao :
rolling over laughing my f**king ass off
troll :
person who diliberately stirs up trouble

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