Definition & Meaning of "ROFFLMFAO"

What does rofflmfao mean? View the definition of rofflmfao and all related slang terms containing rofflmfao below:

rofflmfao :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass


The abbreviation ROFFLMFAO is a humorous expression used to convey extreme laughter in response to something funny or entertaining. It stands for 'rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass off.' When someone sends this abbreviation, they are indicating that they find something so funny that they cannot stop laughing.

Examples of ROFFLMFAO used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Did you hear about the guy who walked into a bar? Friend 2: No, what happened? Friend 1: He said "ouch!" Friends 2: ROFFLMFAO
2. Person A: I just watched a video of a dog riding a skateboard! Person B: Haha, ROFFLMFAO, that sounds hilarious.
3. Text from friend: You won't believe what happened to me today, I accidentally put salt instead of sugar in my coffee this morning! Me: hahaha, ROFFLMFAO! That's too funny.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rofflmfao"

rofflmfao :
rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass

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