Definition & Meaning of "RFF"

What does rff mean? View the definition of rff and all related slang terms containing rff below:

rff :
really f**king funny

Usage of RFF

The abbreviation RFF is used to express that something is extremely amusing or hilarious. It is an abbreviation of the phrase "really f**king funny" and is commonly used in informal settings, such as online chats and text messages. When someone uses RFF in a message, they are letting the recipient know that they found something funny and want to share their amusement. It's a way of communicating a lighthearted sentiment and bonding over laughter.

Examples of RFF used in texting:
1. "I watched a video of a dog trying to catch its tail and falling over, RFF!"
2. "That meme you sent me yesterday was RFF, I still can't stop laughing."
3. "We were talking about our favorite comedians last night and your impression of your math teacher was RFF."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rff"

rff :
really f**king funny

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